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Improve your health and mobility with Get Bent Yoga

You don't need to be young and flexible to practice Get Bent Yoga.  We have classes for people of all abilities including seniors yoga classes.  Our highly trained instructors assess your health and modify poses to suit your needs.  We clearly explain each pose and provide hands-on guidance.  Get Bent Yoga uses blocks, cushions and straps to help you stretch safely and gain proper alignment.  Get Bent Yoga is fun, social and interactive and we encourage everyone to ask questions.

Get Bent’s mainstream & consistent approach

All of our instructors are graduates of the Get Bent Yoga Teacher Training Course. This ensures our instuctor team is constistently trained to help people with age-related health issues. Depending on your needs, you can choose to attend Mat Yoga classes and/or Chair Yoga classes.

Our mainstream approach focuses on providing you with the health benefits of yoga. Some classes include a short meditation for relaxation; however, we do not chant or include spiritual practices at Get Bent Yoga. Our studio is also scent-free so no incense or essential oils are used during classes.

Yoga for alignment, flexibility and relaxation

Mat Yoga Classes

Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, Get Bent Mat Yoga classes improve posture, alignment, flexibilty, circulation, strength and balance.  Scientific studies have also shown that practicing yoga significantly lowers stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression.  Get Bent Yoga is a unique style that holds poses for a longer period of time to provide you with the deep benefits of each pose.  You are not required to memorize routines or follow the teacher.  We are happy to answer your questions and modify poses to suit your needs.  Experience the wonderful benefits of practicing Get Bent Yoga.

Free yoga mats & props are provided for class

Get Bent Yoga is located in the Cannery Trade Centre
#115 - 1475 Fairview Rd. Penticton ~ 250-462-1025

Learn more about Get Bent Mat Yoga

Chair Yoga for people with limited mobility

These classes are ideal for people with cranky bodies that need gentle love.
If you struggle with mobilty and health issues, please consult your doctor before starting Get Bent Yoga.

Get Bent Mat Yoga

Unique to Get Bent, our Mat Yoga classes are for adults who are less mobile but want to improve their flexibility, posture, strength, stability and circulation.  Our instructors safely assist you onto our oversized mats to provide you with extra padding and comfort.  You only need to get on the floor once at the beginner of class, and we will help you get up safely at the end of class if you require assistance.  During these slow supportive classes, our instructors modify poses to suit your needs with the aid of yoga props for your safety and proper alignment.

Get Bent Chair Yoga

Get Bent Chair Yoga classes focus on flexibility, strength and social engagement. These classes are ideal for people with limited mobility, those preparing or recovering from hip or knee replacements, or for those that prefer the comfort of a chair rather than getting down and up from the floor.

Get Bent Chair Yoga classes help with fall prevention, cardiac rehab, occupational injuries and mobility issues. Many participants state Get Bent Chair Yoga has greatly improved their stability, dexterity and mental wellness.  Please watch the following video to learn more about the benefits of Get Bent Chair Yoga.

Learn more about Chair Yoga

Get Bent Yoga Schedule

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Yoga Rates & Passes

Mat Yoga Classes

Drop-in $16
10 Class Flex Pass $126
Monthly Pass $85.00

Aging Bodies & Chair Yoga

Drop-in $10.50
10 Class Flex Pass $85
Monthly Pass $68

Get Bent Yoga is located in the Cannery Trade Centre*
#115 - 1475 Fairview Rd. Penticton ~ 250-462-1025

*If you require an accessible entrance, enter the Cannery’s front doors beside the Joy Buffet restaurant. 

Get Bent Yoga - Teacher Training Courses

For staff at retirement homes and assisted living centres

Get Bent Chair Yoga ~ Teacher Training Course

Get Bent offers Chair Yoga Teacher Training throughout BC.  This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to teach Get Bent Chair Yoga to seniors in-house at retirement homes and assisted care centres. 

Please contact Get Bent Yoga for complete details: 250-462-1025

Become a Get Bent Yoga Teacher

Get Bent Yoga ~ Teacher Training Course & Practicum

Our intensive Yoga Teacher Training Course teaches the anatomy, asanas, modifications, and teaching methods required to become a Get Bent Yoga Instructor.  This course takes 6 months to 1 year to complete depending on your availability and enrollment.  This course also includes a 2 month teaching practicum with ongoing guidance provided by Get Bent’s head instructor Wendy Goudie.  People enrolled in this course also have unlimited access to all of our yoga classes to enhance their yoga training and practice.

Please contact Get Bent Yoga for complete details about our yoga teacher training courses:
250-462-1025 |

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